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Troy Chronicles

Atualizado: 13 de out. de 2023

Dear Friends,

Weekend in Troy

Last year, I took you on a holiday in Troy - just for the weekend. We met all the principle players in Homer's Iliad plus some who appeared later on - in the middle ages - when authors such as Chaucer and Shakespeare thought there wasn't enough love interest to sustain audience interest. So Troilus and Cressida - much to Homer's disgust - found their way into my Weekend in Troy and we follow them from first passion, to love to betrayal. We also meet the Gods on Olympus and some who come to Troy to take in the action.

Riding the wooden horse

In my following book, which will take us up to the destruction of Troy, we meet Odysseus, the Greeks' master strategist and follow the development of his stratagems for finalizing the war - in the greeks' favour, of course.

We also meet the female protagonists - Helen, the beautiful, Cassandra, the prophetess, Hecuba and her host of dying children. A surprise visitor is the roman poet Vergil who wants to disprove the theory that the Romans were descended from the Trojans and snooker his boss the emperor Augustus in his search for immortality.

Well, this may not be a very good introduction but it's the best I can do.

What I'm trying to do here - in both books - is to show how human beings remain essentially the same - whether they scheme in Troy, in Rome, in the British empire or whatever. Only the technology changes.

I hope you will follow me on this trip. You can download both books from for a pittance. Or you can get a paperback for just a bit more. If you insist, you can also go to Amazon dot whatever where it is also available - in both versions.

If you do me the great honour of reading my efforts, I would really like to hear from you - comments, please, whether good or bad.

With much love for you all

Helle Rink

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